The Decalogue of the Movement

“Pilates has always attracted me because it is intimately connected with the world of dance, most of Joseph Pilates’s disciples being ballet dancers or former ballet dancer. Do not forget: the effort made today is the gift you will receive tomorrow. ”

With a heavy artistic career in the background: for 6 years she danced with great dedication on the stage of the National Opera; she went to numerous tours abroad, she danced in performances at the National Theater, including “Chicago”; she spent 4 years in The “Dancing for You” dance troup, where she had some of the most beautiful memories of her life and where she learned different dance styles, Ana Dumitrescu came among the sedentary people and today she is helping us to regain our body shape and muscle tone regardless of our age, weight or lifestyle. We found her in the gym, prepared at any moment to show us that sport is in human nature.

CSID: What are the 10 golden rules of practicing sport by virtue of health and a maximum physical form?

Ana Dumitrescu:

  1. At the entrance to the gym you have to leave behind the thoughts and worries, to be focused on the exercises you do as the mind is the one that guides the movements of the body.
  2. Training should not be regarded as a painful effort, but as a benefit to both your body and your soul, as a detachment from the daily problems, as a breath of fresh air.
  3. Quality is the one that overcomes, not quantity.
  4. Keep a consistency in training.
  5. In the morning you must eat as a king, at lunch as a prince, and in the evening as a beggar.
  6. Once a week you can fulfill your culinary appetites, but not in excess!
  7. You need to drink lots of liquids!
  8. You have to be patient and allow your body time to adapt to the effort.
  9. You don’t have to give in to physical limitations, because most can be overcome.
  10. You have to smile, be cheerful and optimistic, because the body shaping starts from the inside.                                                                                                                                         decalogul miscarii movement studio pilates la movement studio exercitii reformer pentru brate echilibrul minte trup ladder barrel movement studioSOURCE: What happens, doctor? / September 2012
    Editor: Madalina Dragoi