Probably the most beautiful phase in a woman’s life is pregnancy. Pilates exercises help you invigorate all your muscles toning the whole body, with particular attention on the abdominals, back muscles and pelvic floor muscles which are most used and stressed in this period. Starting with the second trimester of pregnancy we are expecting you at Movement Studio to prepare your body for a highly good and safe birth. Here you’ll be guided by an instructor throughout your pregnancy, and the exercises will always be adjusted to your body and needs as pregnancy advances.

The advantages of this type of training:

  • the effort is minimal
  • all the muscles are toned and that will help you a lot during your pregnancy
  • pregnancy pains are reduced
  • sessions are held individually, so the attention, care and instructor’s guidance
  • are focused only on you
  • the exercises are adjusted to the needs and abilities of every mother

Pilates programs also address to young mothers. Whether you had a caesarian section or gave a natural birth, Pilates helps you to close the abdominal muscles, realign the spine, rehablitate your pelvic floor areas and return to the physical form you had before pregnancy. You will burn calories, tone your entire body, improve your posture and you’ll be in shape for your child.

Movement Studio is waiting for you at the pilates classes in the center of Bucharest
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