Pilates…something different

Did it ever happen to you during your fitness sessions to want to try something different? Here are some of the benefits of Pilates that will make you head to this kind of exercise.

  1. Pilates strengthens your spine.

By careful preparation and precise control of the abdominal and back muscles, Pilates can make your spine stronger and gives you more stability. This is the result of a careful control of the vertebrae through the movements of the spine, pelvis and hips. These exercises can reduce back pain, gain control of the bladder and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

  1. Pilates helps you relax

By slowing the movements, Pilates also has a positive effect on stress, easily inducing a relaxing state that adds to the euphoria already achieved just by practicing Pilates. Pilates classes are usually small, 5-6 people, have a slow pace and take place in a pleasant environment, thus increasing the relaxation effect.  However, it is best to practice Pilates with a personal instructor.

  1. Pilates gives you balance

It has been demonstrated and recommended for a long time by Pilates practitioners as a healthy method of rebuilding the trust and the balance of body and mind. Pilates is recommended by experts as a great way to soothe the muscles and to restore body balance.

  1. Improve your athletic abilities through Pilates

Psychotherapists recommend Pilates to optimize athletic performance and to achieve a faster recovery of the body. A lot of athletes use Pilates as a training method, along with their usual training, and Pilates help them minimize the recovery time as much as possible.

  1. Pilates improves the power of concentration

Because the Pilates exercises are executed at a very slow, precise and controlled pace, it is very important that during the sessions, you concentrate on what you are doing. The practitioners are told to focus so much, that they are beginning to reach some form of meditation, allowing them not only to excel in executing the Pilates exercises as well as in day-to-day activities.