Pas de deux

The grace and the training techniques of the dancers are the inspiration for the training sessions proposed by Ana Dumitrescu and Raluca Vornicel at Movement Studio. The first time I heard about Movement Studio was from Andreea Esca, a few months ago, when I made my New Year resolution: to do sport, organized and methodically, even though I wasn’t keen on the idea of ​​spending a few hours weekly in a room full of sweaty people.

Andreea was very excited when she told me about her latest discovery (Pilates) and not only that she had visibly improved her body tonus in a few months, but it is even a delight to do it.

That’s how I ended up among the ones who are happy (a word that is not used very often when is about going for a workout in a gym) to go to Movement Studio, an emerging business led by Ana and Raluca. Former dancers – both graduated the Choreography School and ATF High School (Choreography Department) and then worked at the Opera, Theater and Television. “The tours abroad and the dancers I met there have brought us into contact with Pilates techniques. They were using by then the kind of machines we now have in this space, “Ana tells me.”Then I had a problem with my knees and I had to give up dancing, so I got to achieve mastery in Pilates.”

They had the chance to participate in the only course held in Romania by Balance Body, the largest manufacturer of Pilates devices and programs in the US. “We thought of Pilates because it is very close to ballet – for someone who did this is much easier to practice than for an athlete, it is completely different from aerobic or tae-bo,” explains Raluca. There is a great emphasis on posture, breathing, back exercises, those that strengthen and stretch muscles, do not make them massive.
But the mystery of the remarkable results obtained at Movement Studio is likely to remain the one of the personalized approach: meetings are held individually, only the client and the coach, and the program is specific to each person, each session being unique, so it’s impossible not to focus properly or to get bored. “The special devices we have here can work absolutely any muscle group, work mostly with body weight, exercises can be light or very difficult, everything is customized, and that makes Pilates accessible to everyone, including the elderly and pregnant women. ”
Anna and Raluca’s Passion for ballet resides in their approach, so Movement Studio also offers dance classes for children. Besides, passion is the key word in this space: “All those who teach here are our former colleagues, dancers at the Romanian National Opera, whom we have known for many years.”

“After 10 sessions you will feel the difference, after 20 sessions you will see the difference, after 30 sessions you will have a whole new body.” Joseph H. Pilates

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SOURCE: The ONE / May 2012