MOVEMENT STUDIO – A retreat for mind and body

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From yoga at 37*C to fitness at the bar, Pilates and dancing, we have tried the most exciting workouts in town. Bonus: We’re keeping an eye on a new boot camp.

MOVEMENT STUDIO – A retreat for mind and body

alist pilates movement studioAt first glance, Pilates does not seem to be a demanding workout.  I confess that during the exercises, the mix between every movement and breath is exhausting. In order to be able to complete a workout and to achieve maximum results, there must always be a connection between mind and body. Pilates is not just a kind of movement. It is an experience in which you discover yourself and it can be adaptable to each person.
alist magazine pilates trainingBreathing is the bond between the mind and the body and it has to be done as accurately as possible.  Each session is individual and tailored to your needs. Pilates is recommended for anyone who wants to get toned without gaining excess muscle mass. It is a method of exercise designed to strengthen, stretch, and balance the human body. Movement Studio

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