Movement Studio, a Beautiful Mind in a Wise Body

What can be more enjoyable than having a relaxing time after a long and tiring day? And when we talk about relaxation, we mean in fact, Pilates training, which at the same time, helps maintaining mental balance, removes accumulated stress and tones the body.

Pilates exercises involve a mind-body training, a relatively new concept in Romania. Movement Studio is ready to provide you with a fully-equipped gym with the performance equipment needed for such activity.

The sessions take place individually, on the mat or with the help of the Reformer and Reformer Tower, so the program is adapted to the physical needs of each client. This style of movement is recommended to any person, regardless of age, sex or physical condition. Moreover, through Pilates, pregnant women can learn how to breathe properly, tone their muscles, and prepare their body for an easy birth. Also, after giving birth, the new moms can practice Pilates to get back to their before pregnancy shape as soon as possible.

Pilates can also be integrated into physiotherapy and rehabilitation programs for faster recovery from an accident. It’s a safe training and prevents any accidents.

Movement Studio is more than just a stylish Pilates studio. It is the place where the dance, the workout exercises and the relaxing atmosphere blend perfectly. The members can choose different types of massage, according to their needs: cellulite massage, suction cups massage, relaxation massage, reflexology and lymph drainage, or wedding dance classes, bridal waltz and any other dance style.