Pilates with personal trainer courses, Massage, Sauna

Movement Studio, fitness center in Bucharest, invites you to enter into the world of Pilates, one of the most effective ways of remodeling and improving your physical condition. In the individual sessions our instructors will help you relax and remove the stress accumulated during the day.

Pilates includes mind and body exercises, an original way of toning the body and maintaining your mental balance. The meetings consist of exercises performed with specific equipment and a training program adapted to each client.

We also provide private pilates sessions with personal trainer for pregnant women. In these classes you will learn to breathe properly and to prepare your body for a highly good and safe birth. Unlike many other forms of exercise, Pilates balances out muscular asymmetries, streamlines

your silhouette, and improves your balance, coordination, and breath control.
Pilates does all this because the exercises work to simultaneously develop your muscular flexibility and your strength. The exercises also help to awaken new body awareness.

Therefore, regardless of age or physical condition, you can join our classes.
Willing to offer a wide range of services, we completed the program with sauna and massage, complementary and alternative techniques to eliminate toxins, cellulite and fatigue.

In conclusion, Movement Studio is a cozy pilates studio in Bucharest, an oasis of peace and relaxation for those who visit us and to whom we thank for their appreciation, Movement Studio is "A BEAUTIFUL MIND BODY IN A WISE".


Located in the heart of Bucharest there is a great oasis of positive energy, health and motivation: Movement Studio. The studio is very clean, cozy and very friendly yet professional staff; yet, do not be fooled by the appearances as their Pilates individualized programes are as demanding as they can get!

Personalized classes make the ultimate difference where you challenge yourself against yourself: probably the most difficult challenge individuals can take on. Trainers are all professionals and devise individual programs based on your objectives and needs. No one training is the same. I personal train with 2 different instructors: Lena and Adrian. Both are great people and professionals, different from each other and equally demanding. They changed my life for the better and I am very grateful to both. The two different approaches and work-out schedules help me to keep focused and wanting to do more as I progress whilst maintaining a very high motivation at all times.

Movement Studio also offers professionals therapeuthic massages on demand – a great treat when you have one of those days! I definitely recommend it to all the people that are up to take new challenges and ready to make a difference in their life.


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