Governed by the principle “men sana in corpore sano”(a healthy mind in a healthy body), Adrian chosed to live an orderly balanced life, by improving himself constantly on the intellectually field and sport field.

In a briefly description, he graduated the International Relations and European Studies Faculty, Spiru Haret University (2008) and continued with a master program named “Romania in the History of International Relations”, coordinated by Prof. Dr. Gheorghe Onisoru 2010). Adrian also took part in a few scientific sessions.

Meanwhile he practiced martial arts since he was young: Wushu kung fu (1995-1998), Ashihara Karate (since 2000, brown belt, 1st kyu rank); in 2009 he discovered „the ultimate truth” by practicing Kyokushin Kay Karate, guided by hes mentor, Sensey Ionut Stancu (3rd Dan). He also practiced fitness since 2002. Adrian kept on seeking to improve his tehniques, willing to gain a balanced body, focusing on quality training, in order to obtain more flexibility, coordonation of the movements, something that requests the presence of the mind and the body durring the training. This is how he discovered and assimilated the principles of Pilates workout.

If you ask him „where do you see yourself in 5/10 years?”, his answer is very concise and firm : „in the gym”. Encouraged by family and friends, he chose a career as a Pilates teacher, willing to learn constantly and improve his tehniques. “My mission is not only to help others to achieve a good shape, but also to distract them from daily routine, and guide them for an active life, by practicing sport. Pilates workout captures the attention throughout the session and the result is more than improving the muscle tone, flexibility, breathing, and correcting body alignment.

By practicing Pilates, the practitioner is always in competition with himself, and the best reward is the moment when he removes the “t” from “I can’t”. This is the moment when he overcomes and improves himself, day by day, with a positive attitude and perseverance, winning back his self-confidence and self respect”.